Charity Challenge Events: Helping You to Help Them

The impact of the COVID pandemic on all aspects of life has been widespread. Undoubtedly, a fortunate-few people and businesses have seen a positive impact. Cloud-based video conferencing providers are a good example. Most though have suffered a negative impact, and the Charity sector has suffered more than many.

Recently the Gov.UK website was reporting on the “profound effect” of the pandemic on swathes of the Charity sector. The hit to the sector has taken many forms. The struggle to fund services as restrictions were imposed. The postponement or cancellation of fund-raising events. A significant cut in funding. These and other impacts have had a serious effect on the UK Charity Sector.

Help is Here

Quest has been delivering Charity Challenge events for over twenty-five years. These are events that in addition to team building have one of two key aims. Either of raising funds to donate to a charity. Or which provide hands-on assistance to a charity.

Both types of events are hugely rewarding. Both are heart-warming. Both are outstanding ways to bond and build your team. And after the past two years, we all need some of that.

Has this piqued your interest? Got you thinking? Want to know more? Then read on to discover how Quest can help your team. And how your team can help a deserving cause.

How Help Looks

Physical and Cerebral Challenges

Challenging teams to complete only physical accomplishments is straightforward. However not all your team may want a physical challenge. Some may seek cerebral thrills. Predictably Quest has vast experience in delivering events that challenge the mind and the body. And what better way to enhance your team than provide an event that promotes all skills. 

A super example of this is a Charity Challenge event Quest delivered for Lloyds Bank. University of Bath provided an outstanding venue for the event. Physically that meant diverse activities such as the Bobsleigh start track, and slalom canoeing was provided. Cerebrally it meant the university delivered substantial and contained outdoor and indoor spaces ideal for a range of brain-teasers. Teams had to pledge a fixed level of fund-raising to earn an event place. Those funds were then matched. The result was a stunning event that donated in excess of £100k to NSPCC.

Virtual Challenges

Maybe you want to help a charity and build your team. But maybe you can’t get all the team together in one place. Not a problem. Quest has developed an exciting two-three hour charity challenge based on smartphone instant messaging. Link this with Quest’s unique in-house abilities to create and run web-based entry systems, and your event is on! 

All that’s required is for teams of four-five people to get together. Pay their entry fee online. Choose a City or large town and select the time they would like to take part. All event information will be sent via instant messaging. And the event will be delivered and managed with the same technology. 

If you have a large widely-spaced team, a Quest virtual challenge is just the answer. Suitable for teams of hundreds, it’s a winner for you and your nominated charity.

Classic Charity Challenges

These are predominantly physical affairs that usually involve two-three physical elements. Off-road biking, kayaking, and trail running.

Participants may pay to enter, their entry fee going straight to charity. They may pay to enter and raise further funds in sponsorship. The winning team may be awarded prize money, which is then donated to a charity of their choice.

However the charitable giving is managed, Quest has the experience and technology to deliver a very slick affair. And not only will your team benefit in many ways, but charities will benefit too.  

How Helping Starts

It could not be easier. The choices are diverse and remember a Quest event is always bespoke. Take a look at some previous Quest charity challenge events, or dream up your own idea. We love to have the gauntlet thrown down. Once you have some ideas it’s time to hand over to get Quest involved, and that is simplicity itself. 

Contact us and we’ll do the rest. We can’t wait to hear from you, and your chosen charity will be over the moon.