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There is something hugely exciting and entertaining about being given a list of unusual items and as part of scavenger hunt team building, being challenged to go and get them! When a flexible range of other intriguing challenges is added to the scavenger hunt, you have got yourself one thrilling team event. Of course, the only way to check this out is to try it. Go on – you know you want to!


Excitement and fun abound in this fast and furious team building event 

Number of people

Excellent for medium to large sized teams.

Scavenger Hunt is a stellar outdoor team building activity for medium and large-sized groups. Interactive elements; social media and some mildly physical outdoor elements, make it a hit for teams of up to 150. 


Number one for a morning, afternoon or evening.

Flexibility is at the core of this cool corporate event. Try it in the morning as a prelude to a conference; or the afternoon, after a morning’s business training, or even later, before a conference dinner. Malleable and supple, call us and try Scavenger Hunt,

Team Size

Small teams competing to win.

For this outdoor team building activity, you’ll work in teams of 3-5. You’ll be engaged in a range of exciting and interactive activities, involving team images, WhatsApp and unique collectibles. Competing against colleagues, this event creates winners.


Name your venue and Quest will make it work

Scavenger Hunt works brilliantly in a massive range of places. City centres are ace. Town centres are terrific. Reality: Quest is so polished at making corporate events sparkle in the most obscure locations, we’ll make it momentous wherever.

Event Format

There is huge scope with Quest’s Scavenger Hunt outdoor team building activity, and different elements can be included depending on your timeframe.

However many you include, Quest recommends a Central Theme, a Photo Challenge, and the Scavenger Hunt core ingredient.

Read about how our suggestions work, and if you have some great ideas of your own, call us and we’ll make those work too

Central Theme

Quest will build your Scavenger Hunt around a central theme. This can be something that you specify to Quest, or an idea Quest will develop and pitch to you.
An exceptional example of this is an idea that a client brought to us. It still holds the top slot for the zaniest team building event theme we’ve worked with. Quest has been asked to build events around relaunching fuel filling stations. We’ve been commissioned to reflect and celebrate the cultural diversity of a pharmaceutical team. We’ve even themed an event around the London Underground, complete with giant tube maps and train timetables. But this was the first time we’ve built a corporate event with the theme of a pub-crawl! And it wasn’t even for a brewery!
With credit to the client, their annual conference actually had a central feature that was quintessentially British. It was from that the team building pub-crawl was born, after all, what’s more British than a pub crawl?

Photo Challenge

The event may have been called The Great Brighton Pub Dash. However, although visiting the pubs was a requirement, with the conference black-tie dinner following the team building event, drinking, sadly was not.

If you can’t have a drink in a pub, the next best thing is to take a picture! (Well on a Quest corporate event anyway). Not just any random picture though, they all had to meet specific criteria. What were those criteria? Call Quest, book a Scavenger Hunt and you’ll find out!

On any photo challenge, the pictures are central to earning points, scoring and winning. On the Great Brighton Pub dash photos were instantly sent to Quest via WhatsApp.


On a Quest Scavenger Hunt outdoor team building activity, the list of items to be scavenged will always be challenging. They will also be unusual, and cheap or better still free …. to good negotiators! For example a sachet of tomato ketchup or a bag of pork scratchings.

The challenge for teams is that in the heat of the other parts of the event, they actually remember to scavenge. And once they’ve scavenged to safely bring the items back to the event base. This all sounds simple but is easily forgotten.

Like so many superb Quest events, Scavenger Hunt is multi-layered and some strategic planning will earn big points. Elements that may seem of secondary importance could reap huge rewards if approached with energy and focus.


KEY Benefits

Team Communication

Active team communication is essential, resulting in accurate photos, and lucrative scavenging.

Efficient planning.

Short on time, and loaded with challenges teams must plan efficiently in order to win.

Team focus

Teams will have many tasks to complete in limited time, they will need to have a clear focus to win.


Tasked with unusual challenges, teams will need to innovate to succeed.

Attention to Detail

Teams will be given a detailed brief, those teams paying attention to the detail will score highly.

Health and Wellbeing

Scavenger Hunt will get you outside, moving and active, most healthy for team wellbeing.

What Our Clients Say

Richard, thank you again for a smashing scavenger hunt yesterday. Great fun and perfect for our event. Let’s not leave it so long before next time!!

Scavenger Hunt Team Building Event in Numbers

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to find out more about this team building event

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