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Country pursuits team building will reveal unmatched experiences for your team. Want to get up close and personal to beautiful birds of prey, or learn how to herd ducks? Or master the ancient arts of axe throwing and archery? Or discover clay pigeon shooting, that most archetypal country sport, and maybe even get a flavour of life in Wellington’s army? This event provides all this and more!


A quintessentially British corporate event to excite, invigorate and enthuse your team.

Number of people

Impeccable for small to medium sized teams. 

Country Pursuits is a wonderful outdoor team building activity for your team, be it small or medium in size. Whether your team has fewer than 10 or nearer 40 people, this unusual, educational but exciting event will entertain all. 


What’s your timeframe?

Country Pursuits is very time flexible, running standalone for a half or full-day. Or, you could combine it with a team meeting or some Quest business training. An exceptional event with tons of choices and alternatives!

Team Size

Teams of 4/5 people compete against each other

All of the Country Pursuit outdoor team building activities work best with small teams. This is a terrific opportunity for you to team-up people who don’t usually work together, and encourage some socialising and communication.


At a suitable outdoor venue to suit you.

You may have a favoured outdoor venue. Alternatively, we will source and book a venue for you as part of Quest’s corporate event management services. We need suitable space and vehicular access and then we’ll manage the rest.

Event Format

Country Pursuits is a wonderfully flexible team building event, with many potential elements dependent on available time.
As well as being flexible it’s also exciting and fascinating in equal measure providing thrills and teaching skills.
It’s the corporate event that provides the opportunity to get up close and personal to birds of prey. It’s the corporate event that may open up the historic and specialist world of archery. It may even be the corporate event that enables you to travel back in time, and experience 19th Century military life! Now you have a taste of the possibilities, you’ll want to learn more….

Axe Throwing

Throwing axes have been used since prehistoric times and were widely used in the middle ages by foot soldiers. Fast forward and in the 21st Century axe throwing is a recognised sport, and clubs for practice and competition are multiplying.
Now you can practice this ancient skill, with qualified instruction, the best equipment and in a safe environment. This team building event provides the opportunity to learn many new skills. Who knows axe throwing maybe your next new hobby!

Clay pigeon shooting

Say country sports and the first response of many people will be clay pigeon shooting. If you’re not familiar with this sport and it sounds a little wild, fear not the “pigeons” are made of clay. The guns are real though, and under the guidance of highly experienced instructors, you’ll learn how to safely handle, load and shoot.
Once you’ve mastered the required basic skills, you’ll smoothly move on to shooting at the clays. With further expert instruction, you’ll soon be blasting them out of the sky. This is a fiery and exciting team building event at its best.


Over 17,000 years old, archery is another sport steeped in history you can experience on this outdoor team building activity.
With expert tuition, you’ll be instructed in all of the skills and techniques that comprise this ancient craft. You’ll be amazed how quickly they can be learned, before long you’ll be notching up high scores, and competing as a team.


The ancient art of falconry. Many of us have marvelled at it during country shows or game fairs, but few get the experience up close. This team building event will change all that. You’ll have beautiful birds of prey launched from your arm, and return, all under the watchful gaze of an experienced falconer. This is the stuff of once in a lifetime experiences.

Duck Herding

The saying goes that a dog is a man or woman’s best friend. Words that were never truer in this fascinating and hilarious outdoor team building activity. You will be introduced to your highly experienced shepherd. In turn, she will introduce you to three or four beautiful Border Collie sheepdogs. Your shepherd, assisted by the dogs, will then introduce you all to a herd of most athletic Indian Runner ducks. She will then demonstrate the ease with which the team of dogs and shepherd calmly move the ducks from one pen to another. She will then arm you with a shepherds crook and hand over to you! And that’s where the fun starts! Yet another amazing experience in this fabulous corporate event.

Muskets and Mortars

Just when you thought you’d seen and experienced everything! Blink and you’ll believe you’ve been teleported back over 200 years to the time of Wellington and Napoleon. Sharpe with Sean Bean before your eyes. Under the protective cover of an authentic 19th-century campaign tent, you will be instructed in the skills of musketry. You will learn about the Firelock Musket, cartridges, and powder. Then you’ll fire at targets, guided by an instructor in full authentic Battle of Waterloo uniform, complete with clay pipe! Just when you thought it couldn’t get more exciting a replica 13-inch Land Mortar with rubber cannonballs will be introduced. If you think the muskets made smoke and noise, you ain’t seen nothing yet! This is some outdoor team building activity!

KEY Benefits


Teams will need to use their initiative to succeed at many of these activities, great practice for the workplace.


Learning how to communicate with humans and animals will provide invaluable take-back to the workplace.


Patience is a virtue especially in the workplace, and many of these activities provide tons of opportunity to practice.

Manage the unexpected

Learning to manage the unexpected just got even more crucial in 2020, this corporate event is a great practice ground.

Praise and Acknowledgemen

Praising a job well done and acknowledging achievement is so important at work, this event acts as a great reminder.

Following instructions

Carefully and methodically following instructions is crucial at work, and on this event doing that is essential.

What Our Clients Say

Richard, I had a great day last week, as did the director team so thank you and the team for all your hard work
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Country Pursuits Team Building Event in Numbers

Highest number

Clays hit

Most herded into a pen


Highest archery score

Inner gold rings

Highest axe throwing score


Quickest musket reload



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