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Community Projects

Community Projects

Team Building Events

Corporate social impact earns greater importance each year, and Quest’s community team building projects trail blaze with that work. These events are highly rewarding, humbling, and fulfilling for corporate teams. Managed by Quest with great care and passion, and hugely appreciated by the local community. Get in touch today to see how your next team building event could leave a lasting legacy in your local community! 


Team building with projects that give back to the community

Number of people

Ideal for small to medium sized groups

Community projects are best suited for small to medium sized groups of between 5 and 50 people. Larger groups can be facilitated by splitting the group in two and having them help out at different times or on different days.


Half, full or multiple days

A full day is best to ensure that a meaningful contribution is made to the project. However it is possible for sizeable groups to be split in two with half attending in the morning and the other half helping out in the afternoon.

Team Size

Participants work together in small teams

Teams of 4-5 people typically work together on a task and careful supervision of each team is one reason that we have earned such a positive reputation for delivering these events. As the day progresses, teams can be changed around to ensure variation and piquancy for the participants.


We source a suitable project in your area

We have a large portfolio of charities and community centres which welcome groups of willing volunteers to undertake meaningful projects and this list is ever expanding. This enables us to run a full range of both indoor and outdoor community projects all over the UK as well as abroad.

Event Format

Long Lasting Legacies

Quest specialises in always delivering tailored team building programmes and events, and those in the Corporate Social Responsibility sector are no exception.

Every charity wants different types of assistance. The materials and equipment required are always unique, the supervisors that we provide require specific skills, and the time available is always a challenge.

Despite all these and many other demands Quest always delivers bespoke team building. If your team needs that level of attention, do contact us, we’d be delighted to talk.

The best way to illustrate the amazing diversity of what we can offer is to provide a few case studies of recent community project events:

Case Study One

The Venture Community Association (The Venture Centre), is situated in a vibrant and diverse area of west London, and predominantly serves Golborne Ward, North Kensington.

The association strives to run an inclusive programme of activities, courses and public events that echo the varying cultures that it serves.

Since it was established in 1960, The Venture Centre has grown and now provides an increasing range of services, which reflect the needs of the surrounding community. For example the centre provides the provision of play and other facilities, to develop the physical, mental and spiritual capacities of children, young people and their families.

Since 2007 Quest has worked at The Venture Centre with teams from organisations such as Boston Consulting Group, Homes England and Benson Elliot on a broad range of decoration and renovation projects.

Over the years, we have assisted these and other corporate teams to carry out the following improvements, amongst many other tasks:

  • repair and resurface the main hall floor
  • landscape the garden area
  • redecorate the crèche, the art and craft room, community meeting room and the main hall
  • paint and repair the outside walls
  • resurface the ground area around a large climbing frame
  • repaint the reception area
  • replace curtains
  • build storage units
  • complete major repairs to their highly sought after adventure playground and replace a worn out climbing wall
Case Study Two

The Cirencester Opportunity Group is an independent charity providing integrated education for preschool children and support for their families.

It was founded in 1973 and has been providing enriching and stimulating learning experiences to generations of children for more than 40 years. It does not receive funding from the Local Authority and depends solely on fund raising events and the goodwill of local people and businesses.

Some time ago the playgroup was bequeathed a 2 acre plot of scrub land at the back of the centre. The group had ambitious plans to develop the area into a sensory forest school but a lack of funds had prevented the project from taking place for many years.

Quest knew that the Landmark Information Group were looking for such a project as part of their corporate social responsibility team building event so Quest brought the two parties together and project managed the transformation.

In addition to clearing the scrub and rubbish from the site this project also involved the following:

  • planting over 100 trees and 50 scented plants
  • laying nearly 400 metres of path suitable for wheel chair access
  • constructing a willow dome
  • clearing the river
  • felling unsafe trees
  • creating a barked play area
  • erecting a ten metre long pergola
  • building seated areas from the old felled trees
  • putting in various nesting boxes

Key Benefits


Effective communication is crucial to ensure the tasks assigned are completed to the desired standard.

Working Together

Participants will work together with colleagues on tasks greatly removed from their normal work environment.

Develop New Skills

Participants will learn new skills whilst carrying out rewarding and meaningful work for the community.

Employee Networking

There is plenty of opportunity for networking amongst colleagues whilst undertaking the tasks in hand.

Time Management

Teams will need to manage their time carefully to ensure all tasks are completed both on time and to a high standard.

Increase Morale

Huge satisfaction and pride will be gained from the work undertaken and the positive motivational impact this has cannot be underestimated.

What Our Clients Say

Once again, thanks so much for the wonderful work you did with Landmark to create our Forest School. The land is transformed far beyond our expectations. All the extra touches that we weren’t expecting – carvings, seats and bird boxes have made it a brilliant and very special place. Thanks so much. The children are very excited and it will be great to use it regularly.
Cirencester Opportunity Group

Community Project Team Building Events in Numbers

Longest project


Most paint used in one day


Biggest group

people (over 2 days)

Most volunteering in one day

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Largest garden makeover

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to find out more about this team building event

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Give us a call to speak to one of our team about your team building requirements and to find out more about our Community Project team building event. Our normal office hours are from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm in the UK, Monday to Friday. If phoning from outside the UK, the number to dial is +44 7834 494876 / +44 7967 502226

Send us an email to find out more about our Community Project team building event. To help us respond to your email quickly and efficiently, please include the following details if known:

  • Number of people the event is for (approx.)
  • When you are looking to hold the event. What day / month / time of year? Is the date fixed or flexible?
  • Where you would like the event to take place. Which part of the country? Do you have a particular venue in mind?
  • The length of time you want the event to last. Do you have a set amount of time to fill? Are your timings fixed or flexible?

Please use the contact form (adjacent / below) or drop us an email to request a callback.

We will call you back within 24 hours during normal office hours (9 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday) where possible.

Don’t forget to let us know if there is a particular time / day that you would like us to call you or that we should avoid.

How many people is the event for?
When are you looking to hold the event?
Where would you like the event to take place?

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