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This culinary team building event will run smoothly with or without the use of built-in kitchen facilities. This opens up the possibilities and means Canape Capers can be delivered almost anywhere you want, whether it be at your offices, a conference or somewhere else.


A mouth-watering culinary delight of a team building event, that will tickle your taste buds!

Number of people

Perfect for small groups of up to 35 people 

Are you a small team with fewer than 10 people or a group of up to 35 people? Either way this culinary team building event will keep everybody busy and entertained. And afterwards, it will feed everyone!


Anything from an hour to half a day

This lively and tasty corporate team building event is best run over a couple of hours although this can be longer or shorter to suit. It works well at the end of the day to round off a day of business meetings or a conference.

Team Size

Small teams with 3-5 people in each team 

Teams of 3-5 people work best for this culinary team building event, to ensure everyone gets involved. However, with all the teams working closely, this event has the intimate feeling of everyone working together.


Can be held at almost any venue with space

We supply all the culinary equipment and materials for this team building event so it can be run without access to a kitchen. Staff training rooms and office canteens have been successfully used for past events, as have conference breakout rooms in hotels.

Event Format

Health & Safety

The session starts with a briefing from the Quest Chef. Highly experienced and qualified, he has been working with Quest on a wide range of team building events since 2005.

As well as an overview of what teams will be doing, the briefing will include health and safety, together with the revelation that the canapés produced will be eaten – after judging – at the end of the event.

The group will then be divided into teams of 3-5 and issued with aprons and chefs hats. 

If time allows, a fast-paced culinary ice breaker challenge will be used to get the blood flowing and ensure everyone is energised for what’s to come. 

Original & Unique

After the frantic activity and competition of the ice breaker challenge, this is a time for thought, reflection, and planning.

Teams will be given time to familiarise themselves with all of the food and ingredients. They will also look through the canapé recipes they have been given.

In addition to following the suggested Quest recipes, each team will also have to design their own original unique canapés.

The Quest chefs will be on hand to provide guidance, demonstrate techniques and to provide instruction as and when required.


Teams will then move to their preparation areas and start creating their canapés.

Ultimately teams will be competing against each other to create the best canapés but they will also have to collaborate in sharing some equipment and ingredients.

In addition to producing a tray of appetising canapés to be eaten by everyone at the end of the event, teams will also have to present a small selection for the judges to taste and score.

Canapé Capers will provide you with an outstanding opportunity to work at effective communication; role allocation; time management and creativity. Most importantly you will get the chance to all laugh and have some fun together.

You’ll also learn lots of new skills with which to impress your friends at your next dinner party!

KEY Benefits

Develop Skills

Learning new skills, even if not directly work related gives everyone a boost, and this activity does just that.

Have Fun

Colleagues that can laugh together will produce more together, and Canape Capers encourages laughter and a sense of fun.

Attention to Detail

Making canapes requires finesse, patience and an ability to work to high standards - an awesome set of skills to take back to the workplace!

Reconnect the Team

Canape Capers will enable your team to talk and listen to one another without all the usual work-place distractions.

Time Planning

There is lots to do in limited amount of time. Teams will need to be efficient and plan their time effectively if they are to deliver on time.

Efficient Organisation

With so many tasks to complete in a relatively short amount of time, teams will need to display good organisational skills to succeed.

What Our Clients Say

The graduates really enjoyed the Canape making. Thanks again, it was a great evening on Tuesday
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