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TV Newscast is a dynamic fast-moving team building event where the spotlight is firmly on your team. Television presenters make their job look easy, but is it? And consider for a moment all the preparation that happens behind the cameras, before the studio goes live. Imagine no longer! This team building event gives you live experience for what actually takes place. The planning, timing, rehearsing, last-minute breaking news and more. Will you rise to the occasion or succumb to the pressure?


A dynamic fast-moving team building event with the spotlight on your team!

Number of people

Great for groups of all sizes

TV Newscast is ideal for both small and large groups. It is the perfect solution for large groups of more than 100 people, but equally it has been successfully delivered for small groups of fewer than 10 people. Flexibility is the watchword for this event.


Perfect for a half day session

TV Newscast can be delivered either as an event in its own right, or as an integral part of a bigger programme. Its content is easily adjustable and is great for filling anything between 90 minutes and 3-4 hours dependent upon your objectives.

Team Size

Perfect for both small and large teams

TV Newscast works equally well with small or large teams. The size of the teams will depend upon the size of the group as a whole. In the past this event has been run for small teams of just 6 people right up to large teams of 30+ people.


Anywhere with a bit of indoor space

This team building event is designed to be run indoors. The event thrives on noise, activity and participant interaction. So it’s best if teams can work at different tables in the same room, though separate breakout rooms work well for large teams.

Event Format

A Live TV Broadcast

Until you have actually experienced being stood in the spotlight in front of camera you can only imagine what it must be like. The pressure to get it right first time is huge. Split second time management is crucial. Clear leadership and communication from behind the scene is crucial. And all this adds to the adrenaline rush of presenting live on air

Quest’s ‘TV Newscast’ is a fun and fast moving team building event which explores and challenges individuals and team performance across a whole range of team dynamics and behaviours, whilst promoting positive interaction, and the enjoyment of working together.

The TV Newscast activity objective is to script, prepare, produce and present a high quality news and features programme for a ‘local television company’. The programme is recorded live for “distribution as a sampler to other interested local networks.”

Time Constrained Challenges

Delegates will be divided into teams or for smaller overall groups will work as one team depending on numbers. Each team will be tasked with developing a TV Newscast production that will be recorded live to camera.

The task brief will clearly identify key elements of the broadcast, place additional time constrained challenges on team members, and will demand high levels of effective teamwork.

Following the live recordings and a break, the intervention can be debriefed by Quest if requested through a reflective self-review / feedback session. This will highlight key learning from the exercise and how this may be taken back into the work place.

The review may also include watching the recordings, or that element could be saved for a fun review as part of a team social that evening.

Enjoyable & Great Fun

In its simplest form TV Newscast can be delivered as a highly enjoyable and fun team building event.

In addition it can also be used to…

  • assist the integration of new members of staff into a team
  • help to develop positive & dynamic leadership and delegation
  • improve task awareness and communication across teams
  • bring to life personality profiling such as MBTI

TV Newscast is a team building event with many layers!

Key Benefits

Time Management

This is an event that works to split second times, there is no room for “sorry we’re not quite ready!”

Planning Skills

Teams that do well at this event are those that quickly form a plan, continually revisit and update the plan, and then record a newscast that follows the plan.


This event provides a perfect platform for leaders to emerge and practice their leadership skills.

Attention to Detail

TV Newscast provides the perfect opportunity for teams to work at disseminating an exacting and detailed brief.


Whilst designed to be competitive, this event provides a number of opportunities for teams to work together and assist one another.

Role Allocation

All great teams have members who understand and perform their role and this is crucial to success here.

What Our Clients Say

Effective communication and the ability to deliver insightful work within tight timeframes are key skills for our team. We challenged Quest to develop an entertaining session which allowed delegates to draw strong parallels with their day to day work. The TV Newscast that Quest developed was brilliant for getting the team engaged but what really stood out was the depth of research Quest undertook to position the session correctly. This positioning ensured the event was not just fun, but delivered exactly the learning we wanted. As one delegate enthused: “The TV Newscast was without doubt the best team building session I have ever undertaken and I have done quite a few.”
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