Why Choose Quest?

Why Choose Quest?

About Quest

When sourcing a company for your corporate event you need to be crystal clear on the choice you make. You will want the finest quality; first-class people, and the greatest value. Quest has over 25 years’ experience of delivering some of the best corporate events in the business. With such longevity and experience you would expect us to know a thing or two about what clients want. And we do! Here are the secrets of our continued success and why you should choose Quest for your next corporate event…



Quest has never followed the norms of event management companies, seeking always to be creative, inventive and imaginative.

Transforming everyday items like the London Underground network into a one-day team building event for 700 people. Adopting that most famous secret agent to assist a fuel filling-stations relaunch. Enabling graduates in Texas and London to deliver charity balls for 100 people in just 5 days. Examples of formats that are creative, inventive and imaginative! What could Quest do for your business?

“Such originality, wonderfully creative and very imaginative!”



Quest is widely regarded by clients to be the best in its field for delivering corporate events.

Quest works with some of the biggest names in the international corporate world such as Microsoft, Shell and Bayer to name but a few. Our clients don’t have to be large though. For example, we’ve also worked with a group from a fine-dining restaurant, a niche team from a medical journal, and a local engineering firm.

Big or small; it makes no difference. What matters is that Quest is renowned by all for its professionalism, multi-skilled experts, and client-focus. Renowned to be the best in its field.

“Professionalism that has no bounds… their client-focus is boundless”



Quest is affordable, mobile and flexible, qualities that are more crucial today than ever.

Flexing with busy client diaries, or sourcing corporate event venues to provide multiple requirements for 1000 delegates. Delivering invaluable workplace take-back; or conforming to tightly managed budgets. Whatever the demands, Quest has yet to face a challenge it couldn’t accommodate. 

Quest delivers in a wide variety of locations around the UK, and across the world too. We adapt to wide-ranging budgets, and regularly adjust final content up to and during the event itself if required.

“They accommodated our every wish and their affordability fitted our budget perfectly”