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Outdoor team building doesn’t have to be in the countryside, as you’ll discover on one of our city centre challenges. Let Quest deliver an event to get you outside, moving and active in the great outdoors, but keep your trainers sparkling! Edgy, street-wise, and fun-filled – its the future!


An exciting and addictively competitive team building event for any vibrant city centre.

Number of people

Great for all groups irrespective of size

A City Challenge is perfect for groups of all sizes, whether small or large. This event has been run for a group of just 8 people and another for over 200 employees.


Perfect for either a half or full day

Dependant on the city centre being used, this team building event can run for either a full day, with all the teams meeting up at lunch, or for just a morning or afternoon.

Team Size

Small teams compete against each other

Small teams with typically 4, 5 or 6 people in each team will compete against each other to earn the most money by visiting various landmarks around the city.


Any city that works for you!

London is the most popular city centre but this team building event works just as well in any other cultural city in the UK or Europe e.g. Bath, Oxford, Edinburgh; Paris, Berlin or Madrid.

Event Format

A Real Life Version of the Board Game

The world-famous board game, where players buy and trade properties, is as popular today as when it was launched more than 80 years ago.

This is your opportunity to play Quest’s real life giant version of the game, on the streets in the city (or large town) of your choice.

Just like in the board game, strategy will key and be crucial to the success of your team if you are to purchase the most properties and collect the most rent.

Maps, briefing sheets and activity details will all be provided. Will teams simply crack-on with what they think is right, or stop and take breath, and make some really good plans?

Photo Challenge

In addition to playing a real life version of the popular board game, teams will also get to concurrently undertake a number of additional activities around the city, designed to test your team’s multi-tasking abilities. 

One of these is the Photo Challenge where teams are given a list of well known landmarks that can be found in the city or objects associated with the city. The teams have to find, visit and photograph the whole team with or in front of the named items. 

Sounds easy? Think again. Some items are deliberately set to challenge the teams, and they will need to be innovative and creative if they are to capture what is required in a photo of their team!

Scavenger Hunt

Yet more multi-tasking, this time in the form of collecting a diverse and random list of items, at the lowest possible price.

How cheaply can you buy a tie imprinted with the London Underground map, or how easy is it to get the Maitre D at the Ritz to part with a menu?

A Quest City Challenge Event will answer these and many other of life conundrums!

Strategy is Key

The strategic element of a City Challenge is immense, as teams will need to make some carefully thought through trade-off decisions to have a chance of winning.

In addition to all of the other activities, Quest will have placed a selection of cerebral, spatial and mildly physical tasks in parks or open areas in the city.

Teams will need to decide whether to break-off from playing Questopoly and attempt a bonus Quest task or to take the option of concentrating on just one or two activities. Fortune favours the brave!    

City Challenges are hugely enjoyable. They provide teams with the opportunity to get to know one another away from the office, laugh together, and explore parts of a city they might not otherwise see.

Key Benefits


This is all about identifying team member strengths, and quickly working with them.


Teams will need to look at the wider picture and execute a good strategy if they are to do well.


Making good plans is crucial to success but not if too much time is spent making them.

Time Management

Keeping a close eye on the clock and adapting your plans accordingly is key to success.


Good communication within your team, and with Quest facilitators is essential to avoid wasting time

Expand Horizons

Think you know a city? This event will get you to see it in a different light and explore new areas.

What Our Clients Say

Thank you so much to you and your team for Friday! I feel the event went very well and the activities were really good fun. It was well organised as always and gave an opportunity for people to get to know each other better.
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