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Christmas Creations

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Looking for a Christmas corporate event to kick-off your festive season? Quest’s Christmas Creations will do just that. Many clients have asked Quest to hold a short indoor team building activity immediately before their annual Christmas dinner or office Christmas party. This hugely popular creative event has been developed to do just that and get your team in the festive spirit!


A fun and creative way to get your team in the festive spirit!

Number of people

Ideal for small to medium sized groups

Christmas Creations is the perfect glitter-filled Christmas corporate event for small to medium-sized teams. Anything from a team of 5 to a group of 40-50, will work superbly.


Great for a morning or afternoon session

Christmas Creations can easily occupy 2-3 hours by itself. Or it can be readily integrated with any of our other team building activities or business training courses to fill a whole day.

Team Size

Participants work together in small teams

3-4 people per team are the norm for this Christmas corporate event, with all teams working close to one another. Teams can be changed around in between each creative session so each individual creates different festive items with different colleagues.


At a location and venue that works for you

This event is fully mobile and can be held in any part of the country – or the world! It can be held at your office if you have sufficient indoor space, or the venue where you are having your Christmas dinner / Christmas party. 

Event Format

Creativity in teams is an invaluable quality, whether it be for generating new systems or finding great solutions. Practicing it is always a good thing.

When the practice is unrelated to work and fun too, the experience is even better.

This Christmas corporate event allows your team to get immersed in the glitz of Christmas, by creating any of the following much-loved festive items…

Christmas Wreaths

Christmas is all about welcoming and hospitality. What better way to promote that than with a hand-made wreath to hang on a door or house front.

All the materials for creating the perfect Christmas wreath at this corporate event will be provided. There will also be help and advice from the Quest team who will bring years of experience to the session.

Chocolate Boxes

Most people find chocolate irresistible at any time of year, but it has a special place in the Christmas tradition. 

Hand-made chocolates are extremely rewarding to make. Add instruction in the chocolatiers art of tempering and this element will challenge the most demanding in your team.

In addition to making the chocolates, there will be gift boxes to assemble and decorate. All of this will add to a team-building event resulting in some great gifts, or saleable items for charity.

Christmas Crackers

Crackers at the table are essential during the festive season, but sometimes their cracking performance or contents don’t always excite. This Christmas corporate event gives you the chance to put that right.

As with the other event elements, all the materials and expert instruction are provided. This will enable your team to make Christmas crackers that will finally match expectations and grace any table.

Festive Candles

The popularity of candles and huge variety available has increased almost beyond imagination in the past few years. In their profusion of choice, they are a must for home decoration.

At Christmas demand gets greater, so this is your chance to by-pass usual suppliers and create your own unique candles.

A large variety of moulds, colours, and scents will be available. Therefore once you’ve made your plans, in this team building event you’re free to get as creative as possible.

Christmas Decorations

Whether you prefer minimalist chic or exaggerated bling, everyone loves Christmas decorations. This corporate team building event will give you just the excuse to break away from tradition and convention.

Using a wide choice of materials, dream-up and make your own decorations for the festive season. Now that’s what Quest calls a Christmas treat!

Christmas Baubles

Lights and a star or angel on top are great, but Christmas trees also need festive, shiny baubles.

At this team building event, Quest will supply undecorated baubles of all shapes and sizes. You’ll also get pearlescent paint, fabulous glitter, and glue.

Finally, we’ll supply mountains of encouragement to fire your imagination into stardust-filled overdrive and create baubles to make every tree a sparkling delight.

In the past, the items created have been used for a range of purposes including decorating the workplace, adding a personalised sparkle to the office Christmas dinner/party and even being sold off to raise money for charity. What you do with your magnificent creations… well we’ll leave that up to you!

KEY Benefits

Develop Natural Flair

This Christmas corporate event will provide the perfect atmosphere to encourage your employees to rediscover their flair and natural talents.


Individuals will need to collaborate and work together if your group as a whole are to complete all their creations in the time available.

Attention to Detail

High performing teams concentrate on every minor detail and Christmas Creations provides your team with the opportunity to do just that.

Boost Morale

This corporate event is a colourful and highly rewarding way to bring a busy year to a joyful close and kick-off your Christmas celebrations.

Enhance Communication

Christmas Creations will enable your team to look up from their screens and keyboards, reconnect and simply start to talk to each other again.

Working Together

This is the perfect opportunity for delegates to discover just how much can be done in a short space of time when everyone works together.

What Our Clients Say

After our recent event I would like to say once again that we have been very happy with the quality of your work, and the engagement and personalised attention you have given us as customers. As soon as another opportunity arises, rest reassured that we will think of you as a preferred provider again.

Christmas Creations Team Building Event in Numbers

Smallest group to date


Most boxes of chocolates

created in one hour

Longest cracker made


Most baubles made

by one event

Tallest candle made



to find out more about this team building event

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Give us a call to speak to one of our team about your team building requirements and to find out more about our Christmas Creations team building events. Our normal office hours are from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm in the UK, Monday to Friday. If phoning from outside the UK, the number to dial is +44 7834 494876 / +44 7967 502226

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