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Your venue’s booked, presentations prepared, speakers have rehearsed and agenda is confirmed, all that’s missing from your conference is a team building activity. Not only can Quest enhance your conference schedule, but we can also ingeniously and imaginatively enhance and support your conference themes and message. We’re bursting with ideas and just waiting for your call!


Add a sparkle to your conference with a fun breakout team building activity.

Number of people

Perfect for medium to large groups

Business conferences are often big affairs, and Quest has many exciting activities especially for big groups wanting a big experience. However, if your team is more modest in size, fear not, Quest has lots of outstanding activities that will work equally well for you too.


Flexible to fit the time available

Our breakout sessions can be customised to fit neatly into the time you have available, and how long you want to break from the main body of your conference, whether that be one, two or three hours, or longer.

Team Size

Delegates will breakout into small teams

This is an ideal opportunity for conference delegates to mix and mingle and really get to know one another, as they are placed into non workplace teams, typically of 4-6 people.


At the venue of your conference

We will travel to and work wherever your conference is being held. If you need help with sourcing a suitable venue for your conference, our experienced team would be delighted to assist.

Event Format

The best way to illustrate how Quest adds that extra layer of excellence to your conference is to provide some working examples.

With them all, Quest was approached by clients who had already booked their conference, and wanted Quest to make the most of a 2-4 hour breakout team building session to help energise, invigorate and enthuse the delegates.

In all cases, one of the key requirements was to include the objectives of the conference in the breakout team building session.

Case Study One

Quest was approached by major international oil and gas company to assist them with their Retail Conference taking place in Berlin.

The breakout slot was two and a half hours in length, at the end of the first day of a two-day conference for 95 delegates.

The brief was that the team build should focus on: speed in decision making; simplifying complex issues; resilience & coping under stress and innovation in problem solving.

Quest offered three different options, and a version of TV Newscast called “Picture This its TV Newscast,” was chosen.

This involved the sub-teams not only preparing for and delivering a TV Newscast production, but also collaborating to paint giant back drops for other sub-teams against which the TV Newscast would be filmed

The activity exceeded all elements of the brief, and was the talking point for the remainder of the conference.  

Case Study Two

Quest was asked by the IT team at IMI to deliver a starter session for a two day conference for 15 delegates, with a theme of Leaders Being the Change.

Quest proposed a workshop session focusing on a Human Shield Exercise. This provided the opportunity for team members to start disclosing to their colleagues information about their family background; hobbies & interests and how friends and colleagues would describe them. That made a significant start to building trust, the foundation layer for a High Performing Team.

To reinforce that classroom learning Quest also proposed an experiential activity called Pyramid of Success, where a range of skills were practiced, including the importance of both competition & collaboration for successful team performance.

The session was just two and a half hours in duration, but gave the conference exactly the dynamic, positive and informative start that was required.

Case Study Three

When PA Consulting asked Quest to facilitate the great idea they’d had to get their senior team to cook their own team dinner following day two of their annual conference, we were very excited to be able to help.

Whilst Beaumont House was never going to allow 52 people to cook in their main hotel kitchen, from the get-go the Executive Chef and Conference Manager were helpfulness personified in finding alternatives.

Once they understood Quest’s experience in cooking-based team building they worked with us to build a pop-up kitchen in the meeting room, beside the one being used for the conference, and in total secrecy!

At 17:00 the folding doors opened, the astonished delegates were handed aprons & chefs hats; divided into teams and led through to their pop-up work stations where all the required ingredients and kit were laid out waiting.

For two hours they prepared dinner, whilst concurrently hotel staff transformed their conference room into a stunning restaurant.

A little wine helped and at 19:00 the team preparing the starters were ready to serve their colleagues. This was followed by the mains & puddings.

It was a super-charged, highly successful team activity, and a terrific start to a wonderful evening. As the conclusion to a conference it was unsurpassed!

Key Benefits

Energise Delegates

Delegates will get out of their seats, move around and get active, just the thing to refocus their attention.

Motivating Employees

Working positively with colleagues on fun, competitive, practical tasks is the perfect way to help raise team motivation

Develop Networks

Teams can be comprised of colleagues with limited knowledge of one another, to encourage networking and building contacts.

Reinforce Goals

What better way to absolutely focus on the themes, messages and goals of your conference than to get teams to tangibly live them.

Build Trust

Breakout sessions are a great way to build trust by providing an ideal opportunity for colleagues to start the process of disclosure.

Fun & Memorable

Enjoyable, fun and affirming experiences stick in the mind, and our breakout will ensure your conference does this for many years to come.

What Our Clients Say

[It] was great to meet you last week in Berlin and see the ERLT in action during the team building. The session went down really well with reference made to the exercise a lot during the rest of the conference.
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