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This is not your normal quiz. This is Quest’s hugely popular team building quiz that sees teams take part in some of the best loved TV gameshows that have been on the screens in every UK household over recent years. It’s totally unique, fully interactive and will keep everyone entertained!


An interactive quiz with a Quest twist, based upon a schedule’s worth of your favourite TV gameshows.

Number of people

Ideal for medium to large groups  

Quiz Gameshow is the perfect team building event for groups of 20+ people right up to groups of about 120 people.


A highly flexible corporate event 

Quiz Gameshow is a great team building quiz for either a half or full day, or even as a pre-dinner evening break-out session.

Team Size

Small teams compete with one another

As you would expect from a quiz, this team building event is very competitive, and highly effective for teams of 3-5 people. 


At any appropriately sized indoor venue

This team building quiz could be run at your offices, or at a third-party venue which Quest can assist with sourcing if required. 

Event Format

Quiz Gameshow is intentionally noisy, fast-paced hilarious and loads of fun. Its prime time team building quiz entertainment, with something for everyone, and enough authentic special effects and AV to excite. People get hooked to TV gameshows, and when you discover what Quest has primed and good to go you’ll be hooked too. Excited? Curious? Clamouring for more? Simple, read on!

Game Show One

Channel 4 may have slashed the prize money, but Quest is the corporate event management company still paying big bucks!

Just like on the TV, your team will be given a “huge wad of cash” and asked some questions with a choice of answers.

All you have to do is put your money on the correct answers. It sounds simple. However, it’s anything but when you are up against the clock and the dynamics of your team!

Get it right and your team could be heading back to their table with a serious amount of money. What is there about this team building quiz that’s not to absolutely love?

Game Show Two

In most quizzes, the winner is the one that scores the most points. But that’s not the case with this gameshow which is based upon one of the more successful formats to grace our TV screens in recent times.

This is Quest’s version of the back-to-front, wrong-way-round, counter-intuitive TV gameshow that is a real test for teams. 

Not only do teams have to determine as many answers as they can from the given clues, they also have to decide on which one is the most obscure (least known), all with the aim of scoring as few points as possible.

This really is not just another pointless team building exercise!

Game Show Three

You don’t have to have been an England Rugby scrum-half, or a former international spin-bowler to be good at this game. The Quest version hasn’t been running since 1968, but it’s still a firm favourite amongst not just sports fans, but all lovers of a good team building quiz.

Whilst a bit of sporting knowledge may come in handy it is not essential. All the rounds have been designed and activities specially selected to challenge team dynamics and promote working effectively together as a team even if you have little or no interest in sport.

This fast-paced gameshow is fully interactive. One of the rounds sees teams take it in turns to play head-to-head up at the front of the room whilst all the other teams “play along at home” sat at their tables. 

Teams will have to remain focused throughout and be on the ball if they are to keep up!

Game Show Four

Conventional wisdom tells us that if you’re going to tell a lie, tell a big one. Not that Quest would ever condone such advice!

The Quiz Gameshow version of the popular celebrity TV show that is all about spotting the “porky-pies” relies on a good story teller! Are you able to convince your colleagues that your truth is a lie or vice versa? 

This gameshow will reveal some crazy stories you never knew about your colleagues. It is a great way for your team to get to know one another!

Find out who in your team can tell a yarn, who has the best poker-face and who can’t help having those “Lyin’ Eyes?”

KEY Benefits

Having Fun

Forget serious team development for just a minute. There is huge value in simply having fun together and this Quiz Gameshow does just that.


Competitiveness needs to be practiced. This is a great opportunity to remind your team about the qualities required to compete with the best.


Knowing when to talk and when to listen is key when working together. Teams that are able to quickly master this will be off to a winning streak.


The members of great teams know about and trust one another, and one element especially, of Quiz Gameshow, will enhance that team quality.

Decision Making

Strategic decisions must be made throughout, which are rational and carefully thought through. Just like work but far more amusing!

Role Allocation

In this team building event, many skills will be needed for your team to win, from Leadership to Followership and all that lies between.

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