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Trading Places is a fast-paced team building event based on currency trading in an unpredictable global economy. Strategising, communicating, planning, and trading are all pivotal activities for a successful business. Now you can practice them all in the safety of this terrific team building event, whilst simultaneously having great fun. This is Trading Places! Quest’s imaginative corporate event that replicates a week of international action-packed corporate activity. Will your team develop a winning strategy?


A fast-paced event based on currency trading in the new unpredictable global economy.

Number of people

Great for medium to large groups

A minimum number of 10 people (two teams of 5) are required for the Trading Places to work effectively, but the more people the better this team building event will be; up to a maximum of about 100 people.


A full-on half day event

Trading places can be delivered for a morning, afternoon or evening session, either as a stand-alone team building event or one that is part of a full or multi-day programme.

Team Size

Participants work together in small teams

Your group will be divided into a number of small teams for this team building event, with 4, 5 or 6 people in each team. Teams will compete against each other by earning, trading and spending global currencies.


Any suitable venue either indoors or outside

Trading Places can and has been run at a whole range of different venues, including Royal Ascot racecourse and Ashton Gate stadium. All that’s needed is a number of different spaces / breakout rooms, which can be inside and/or outdoors.

Event Format

The world’s fast-moving economy provides the backdrop for this exciting team building event, which echoes the famous political statement that “a week is a long time in politics”, with every trading hour equaling a minute in real time.

It will test the teams’ skills in communication, strategising, attention to detail, quick comprehension, good preparation and team deployment.

Information Assimilation

Contained in the teams’ instructions will be a broad range of questions based on the countries of the world.

The teams will be guided on where at one of five continents the answers to those questions can be found.

The first task for the teams is to work through the large range of information in the HQ room and continents and acquire as many answers as possible.

Currency Exchange

Teams will need to visit the Trading Desk multiple times throughout the exercise, where they can earn different currencies at different times for correctly answered questions.

However, the Trading Desk is open only at certain times, (remember hours are represented by minutes).

In addition, there is a Breaking News screen in the Trading Room, and the information on that will keep revolving and revealing new pieces of information that will have further impact on trading.

Making Strategic Decisions

With money earned from answers, the teams can embark on international travel being able to divide into pairs for this element.

However, on first arrival at each continent more unexpected information will be revealed to do with time zones, and their impact on trading times.

As this part of the team building session progresses the issue of making strategic decisions based on lots of new information will become increasingly important: When to stop raising money, and travelling around the world buying materials, and when to start building? 

Tower Building

The aim of building a tower on each of the five continents will have to be balanced with information the teams will have gained, for example: How long is it taking them to travel between continents? How much building material have they bought? How much more can they buy? And many others.

At the appropriate point in the “week” building needs to start on as many continents as possible. Or will they opt for another strategy? Which teams strategy will be correct… and which will be the winner? A week is, indeed, a long time!

Key Benefits


There is a high level of strategic planning required in this team build, as teams continually make trade-off decisions based on constantly changing parameters.

Attention to Detail

Teams will be provided with detailed briefing notes packed with information. As the saying goes, “the devil is in the detail,” and those teams which quickly grasp that fact will perform well.

Role Allocation

This is a multi-layered event, and teams will need to quickly identify who is most suitable for each of a variety of tasks and allocate roles accordingly.


Each sub-team will have to complete a number of concurrent tasks, with team members regularly splitting up and re-convening. Effective communication will be vital to coordinate these activities.


All teams will be given time to plan and prepare, the teams which use that time wisely are likely to achieve a high score.

Time Management

There is a precisely defined amount of time for this team build to be completed. The successful teams will be those that manage that time closely from the very beginning of the task.

What Our Clients Say

I’ve had some really good feedback on how enjoyable the team event was, and how very well executed it was – you and your team were excellent – so thank you once again.
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