It’s Time to Re-Build Your Team

Since the beginning of 2022, the world has changed. At a pace probably not seen since the mid-1940’s. Businesses have been faced with challenges. Huge challenges that their leaders couldn’t have imagined at the end of 2019.

Thanks to cloud-based video conferencing most of us have got by. Some businesses have actually thrived. Way back in early 2020, many business team members embraced the removal of the commute. 

The traffic-congestion bind, rammed tubes and late trains were no more. Team members embraced every day as a dress-down Friday. Zoom and Teams seemed to offer the perfect scenario for a new style of work. No more hot-desking. No more solidly booked meeting rooms. No more thinking about what to wear for the office. 

Two Years of Getting By

Two years is a long time. And the feedback Quest has been receiving tells us that the novelty has worn off. “Switch your mic on.” “My internet has dropped out.” “Why isn’t your camera switched on?” Questions and phrases that are no longer amusing.

New ways of working that are no longer new, just tedious and often un-rewarding. Longing for a face-to-face chat at the vending machine. Remembering simply leaning across your desk to ask a question. Wondering when you would next see colleagues and friends after months of working alone.

Stopping momentum. Removing choice. Denying freedoms. All straightforward to instigate, but time-consuming to reverse.

A New Dawn

Finally, after numerous false-starts, it looks like the nightmare is ending. Today, February 1st, Denmark will be the first European country, possibly a worldwide country to end all Covid-related laws. Surely they won’t be the last.

It’s time to get your teams back together. Time to rebuild. To reacquaint. To reintroduce. And if you’ve decided to not reverse flexible working, those requirements are even more important.

If you’re wondering how to rebuild your teams, Quest is here to help. We have team-building solutions to suit all needs. To fit all budgets. Team-building events to help put two years of virtual existence into reverse.

The Future


If your business is based in a large town or city, a Quest City Challenge could be perfect. The ideal solution to get your teams back together. Cost-effective because it uses your office as the event base. 

Huge amounts of fun as it follows the world’s most-loved board game. Business beneficial in its strategic elements. Quest has been delivering City Challenges for over 20 years, and they have never failed to be winners.


Maybe after two years of enforced isolation, you want to max out on face-to-face communications. You want to focus on your business, but in a fun and energy-filled way. TV Newscast is the solution you need. It can also be office-based and therefore cost-effective. 

TV Newscast highlights your company and tasks your team with making it the headline news. Fast-paced. Time-bound. It’s exciting and usually hilarious. What better way to unshackle from remoteness and solitude?


After the past two years, you could be looking to make a statement. If you want big, if you want a buzz, if you want a blast, look no further than a Quest Bespoke Event. All Quest events are tailored to fit your needs. 

Our bespoke events take team-building to another level. Tell us what you have in mind. Where you want it. How many it’s for – the more the merrier. Provide us with budget guidelines. And we’ll take over from there. 

Via unique in-house abilities, we can offer an event website. Seamless attendance management. Choices of a number of activities all within the same event. Imagine the noise, conversation, and laughter at the end-of-day dinner when all the team congregates. Wonderful!

After two years of struggle, your team deserves some light and fun.

You need them to communicate freely. You want them to collaborate. Let Quest assist you in rebuilding your team.