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Graduate Training & Development

Business Training Courses

Our Graduate training and development courses are carefully designed to maximise the value of your annual investment in new graduates. They are structured to ease the transition from University and prepare graduates for working in the world of business.


Business training courses designed to maximise the value of your graduate investment

Number of people

Suitable for up to 50 graduates 

The size of the graduate group will be governed by the client recruitment structure and policy. Quest’s experience is that graduate intake numbers vary between 10 and 35, but for Quest up to 50 is fine.


Flexible to meet your requirements

A short session may last just half a day with longer sessions run over two or more days. Structured programmes can be delivered over the course of a year or longer. Fully flexible, our graduate courses will be tailored to fit in with your time-frame.

Team Size

Graduates work together in small teams

The range of activities in which the graduates can be involved is highly diverse. Most, but not all of those activities, work best with 3-5 graduates in a team. Teams are often changed around so the graduates experience working with different people.


At a venue and location to suit you

We have been delivering graduate development business training for over 20 years, in the UK, Europe & the USA! Sessions are often delivered at client offices, but equally we offer a full venue sourcing and booking service if required.


New graduate recruitment is a key annual event and a major investment for many organisations. The skills and knowledge graduates bring are undoubted, but often they are unversed in business life.

Therefore to ensure the best return on that investment, organisations should provide carefully prepared, formed, and followed-through development for their new graduate recruits. This is the point where one of our tailor-made Graduate Development business courses could be just the answer.

Employers are looking for a variety of skills. It’s by addressing the following that a Quest graduate training and development programme can be of great benefit in:

  • Understanding behaviour and personality type
  • Understanding effective working in Corporate Teams
  • Practicing verbal and written communication
  • Sharpening time management and organizational skills
  • Honing creative problem solving
Course Aim

A graduate development business course aims to provide:

Information and examples on what makes high performing teams. Plus a safe, neutral arena in which those skills can be practiced. And as importantly where mistakes are welcomed and managed as a very positive part of the learning process.

Self-led reviews, reflection, and feedback are a critical part of the process.

Course Structure

The structure of a graduate development business course will be carefully designed and created in close consultation with the client.

In the past this has seen Quest construct some unusual activities. We’ve arranged for graduates to work with the Istanbul Tourist Board to develop new guides and tours. And we’ve enabled graduates to deliver charity gala balls at Twickenham Rugby Stadium and the JW Marriott in Houston, Texas. Just two examples of how bespoke the structure can be.

Course Content

The content of each course will be diverse and unique to your graduates. 

Business training with outdoor elements containing varying degrees of physical challenge linked to cerebral tasks can be hugely beneficial. Indoor sessions are weatherproof and also offer an extensive choice.

We offer a choice of activities all of which contribute to overall team performance. This is an excellent way to practically demonstrate effective role allocation and organizational skills.

Orienteering, water-based activities, high ropes and height challenges are a very small example of some outdoor programme elements.

TV programme production, cooking, and business based activities are a very small example of some indoor business training options.

Some organisations request an additional feature of a charitable element to be included in the graduate development training. Quest has a range of solutions to meet and indeed exceed that requirement.

Key Benefits

Maximise Performance

Personality profiling is often used to evaluate graduate's preferred behavioural styles, so maximising their performance and contribution.

Manage Time Efficiently

Effective time management is crucial in the corporate world! We have many engaging activities for re-enforcing this message.

Create Problem Solvers

Business training will assist graduates to develop problem-solving skills learned at university to fit with the demands of the business environment.

Develop Communication

There will be plenty of opportunities for graduates to develop their verbal and written communication skills, formally and in more relaxed formats.

Ease Transition

Working in the corporate environment is quite different from at University. Our training courses help graduates in making this necessary transition.

Prepare Graduates

With an emphasis on building upon and developing skills learned at university, we will prepare graduates for the real business world.

What Our Clients Say

I would like to THANK YOU for the partnership, professionalism and dedication towards this program. I must add that you have gone out of your way and beyond timelines to help support us and all our interns professionally and personally. You took time out for our new additions and brought them up to speed with the entire batch on all occasions. Our grad’s have definitely gained a lot and will continue to be in touch as you have greatly inspired them. We all loved working with ‘Quest’ and a big Thank You to Richard & Janice

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Send us an email to find out more about our Graduate Development Programmes. To help us respond to your email quickly and efficiently, please include the following details if known:

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  • When you are looking to hold the event. What day / month / time of year? Is the date fixed or flexible?
  • Where you would like the event to take place. Which part of the country? Do you have a particular venue in mind?
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Did you know, as well as corporate events, Quest also organise these public events?