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Rocket to Success

Rocket to Success

Team Building Events

Rocket to Success is a constructive team building event that always ends on a high! Teams get to assemble their own model rockets from scratch before launching them hundreds of feet into the air. Over fifty years have passed since man’s historic first moon steps, but the magic of rockets and space-travel never fades. Quest can replicate that magic for your team in this stellar corporate event. 


A constructive team building event that always ends on a high!

Number of people

Perfect for small to medium sized groups

Rocket to Success is an ideal team building event for both small and medium sized groups. Whether you are a small group with fewer than 10 people or a group of 50+ people, this team building event will keep everybody entertained.


Great for a morning or afternoon session

Rocket to Success can be run as a stand alone team building event occupying a couple of hours, or seamlessly integrated with other team building exercises to provide a full day of activities that culminates with the launch of the rockets.

Team Size

Participants work together in small teams

Starting off in small teams with 2-4 people in each team, participants work together to design and build their own rocket. All teams then come together to witness the launch of all the rockets under the strict supervision of our experts.


At a venue and location to suit you

All that’s required is some indoor space where teams can build their rockets and a suitably sized outdoor area from where the rockets can be safely launched. We can source an appropriate venue for you if needed – just let us know and we’ll do the rest!

Event Format

Building Working Relationships

Rocketry is a growing hobby in the UK, and once you’ve witnessed a model rocket blasting away from its launch pad, you’ll want to see it again and again.

This team building session gives you the chance to do just that, but with the added bonus of not only building your own rockets but also building great working relationships with your team too!

An impressive range of model rocket kits are available, and once built, you get to launch them too. Discover just how exciting countdown, firing, and blasting off the launchpad can be.

Attention to Detail is Crucial

Teams will need to follow their instructions carefully to build an electrically fired rocket from the pieces they are given. It’s intricate and precise work, especially to get the fuel needed to power the rocket wired up correctly.

To add to the pressure and ensure teams work efficiently together, the construction phase will be against the clock, with a timer projected on to a big screen counting down to the launch.

The weight inside the rocket must be evenly distributed and the aerodynamics of the rocket must not be compromised by poor workmanship if the rocket is to be cleared for launch by one of our experts.

The Countdown Begins

Once the rockets have been correctly made to the exacting specification, teams will move outside to a designated viewing area.

A member from each team will bring their rocket forward to the launch pad. Our experts will hook each rocket up to the electric launch controller and then the countdown will begin.

The rockets will be launched one at a time in quick succession to bring this team building exercise to an impressive conclusion in spectacular style!

The rockets go vertically upwards until the fuel is spent. A parachute is then automatically deployed and the rocket descends slowly and safely back down to earth, typically touching down within metres of the launch pad.

Health & Safety

How high each rocket reaches depends on its size together with the power of the engine inside it. Our experts will determine what sized rockets and engines are used depending upon the size of the outside space available and how windy it is on the day.

The bigger the outside space the better, but the small rockets with standard engines are still very impressive and can be launched safely from a tennis court sized area. No green space? Don’t worry, we have launched from office car parks before. The key thing is that there is nothing overhead – no overhead cables or adjacent tall buildings!

We will notify the civil aviation authority well in advance of the event and get the required clearance from them to be able to launch the rockets.

Key Benefits

Promote Teamwork

Participants will need to work effectively together if they are to build their rockets in time for launch.

Learn New Skills

Delegates will get to learn new, and develop existing, skill sets by constructing their rockets.

Attention to Detail

Precision is required throughout the construction phase if the rocket is to get off the ground!

Boost Motivation

The spectacular and motivational finale will leave the whole team on a high.

Increase Creativity

Teams are encouraged to be creative with the design and branding of their rocket.

Develop High Performance

High quality work is essential if the rockets are to pass inspection and be certified for launch.

What Our Clients Say

The organization and delivery of the event was handled with enthusiasm and professionalism from the Quest team, and they have delivered exactly what the brief prescribed. One of my colleagues suggested the event was managed “like a well oiled machine!” I would have no hesitation in recommending Quest to any other business wishing to organize a similar event.

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