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Pyramid of success is an ingenious team building event. It uses similar principles to the world-famous cuboid toy – albeit on a much larger scale – and combines these with the sky-seeking qualities of a pyramid. The result is a fun team building activity that perfectly illustrates the two contrasting team behaviours: competition and collaboration. As such Pyramid of Success is also a great experiential aid to business training courses. 


A great business training event focused on team collaboration

Number of people

Ideal for small teams

Pyramid of Success is perfect for small teams, with groups of 12 people being the optimum number. As such it’s often used as a break-out exercise for a team meeting or small conference.


An excellent fit at any time of day

Pyramid of Success is very flexible. It will fit seamlessly into a team meeting or small conference. And it can be used to reinforce various themes or messages related to your business.

Team Size

Delegates work closely in small teams

Pyramid of Success is designed to practically illustrate many key team behaviours. This is best achieved with the group starting off working in three separate small teams.


You tell Quest, and we’ll be there!

This mobile corporate event can be delivered anywhere. As such it has been used overseas many times. All that is required is a small indoor space where everyone can move around freely.

Event Format

Practically illustrating the behaviours and skills required to make teams high-performing is a very powerful way to reinforce learning.

Activities that involve simple construction work particularly well. This is one reason why Quest’s Pyramid of Success is so effective, particularly used as part of wider business training.

This corporate event focuses on two pivotal team behaviours, collaboration, and competition. Those two behaviours are cleverly highlighted and given life through an inventive business training construction exercise.

Puzzled? Intrigued? Curious to know more? There’s only one way…

The Challenge

Since its invention in 1974, the Rubik’s Cube is widely considered to have become the world’s most popular toy.

Quest has imaginatively adapted the cube puzzle concept and combined it using images from past team-building events. For the Quest cube puzzle, not just one but three cubes of decreasing sizes are used. When constructed Rubik’s style, and then correctly stacked, the successful result is a tower or more specifically a Pyramid.

That’s the theory! Of course, as on all Quest corporate events, innovative elements of this challenge are enlivened when tackled by teams, working collaboratively.

A clever, creative and experiential way to perfectly illustrate team behaviours.


A short verbal briefing will be delivered to start the team building event. The materials for the challenge, 81 light-weight cubes, will be demonstrated. Tacitly supported by the facilitators, the members of each sub-team will think they are competing against the others.

The teams will begin, equipped with random piles of varying sized cubes, each sporting part of an image on every side. Presently they will realise they cannot complete their brief with the equipment provided, causing some confusion. The facilitators will observe closely, and possibly call “time-out” to ask questions and encourage other angles of thought.

Ultimately at least one team will suggest a way to progress, and the facilitators will encourage this emerging potential collaboration.


This team building event demonstrates that the route to successful collaboration is effective communication. Our facilitators will carefully observe the communication that takes place within the teams, and what, if any, takes place between the teams.

As expected in experiential business training of this level, the amount of facilitation will be carefully managed by Quest. Teams will be actively encouraged to find solutions with the minimum of external input.  

After the appropriate time, if necessary, the facilitators will gently prompt the teams to possibly make progress via a cross-team meeting. During that meeting, (facilitated if required), the team representatives will recognise that a potential solution is possible. However, collaboration and sharing will be crucial behaviours in that solution.

Building Success Together

Following the meeting, the sub-teams should pool their equipment. By this point in the event, the teams will have worked out a central tenet of the challenge: That is by arranging the varying sized cubes in a particular way, three larger cubes can be created. 

They will have also grasped that the cubes cannot be stacked haphazardly. Mirroring workplace requirements perfectly, this business training challenge reinforces the importance of adherence to effective systems and processes.

To achieve success, the cubes must be arranged so the images on all sides of all cubes are correctly formed.

The power of high performing teams communicating effectively and collaborating productively is immense. Once the teams master that power, they will be able to create the “Pyramid of Success!”   

KEY Benefits

Understanding competition

This corporate event neatly shows how competing can sometimes have negative outcomes.

Developing collaboration

Delegates will gain greater awareness of the power of successful collaboration.

Role Allocation

This business training practically reinforces the need for teams to effectively allocate roles.

Good communication

There will be plenty of opportunities for good communication, verbal and aural.

Effective organisation

To succeed teams quickly need to organise materials, task objectives and themselves.

Time Management

There is a time allocation for this task, teams will need to monitor and maximise that time.

What Our Clients Say

Please pass on my thanks to the rest of the team at Quest. Outstanding job from you guys as ever!

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