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Integrating Teams

Integrating Teams

Team Building Events

One of the strongest messages conveyed from our team building events is the enormity of what teams achieve when they work together. Integrating Teams is an exceptional event for demonstrating how successful teams can be when they collaborate, and pull in the same direction.


A team build designed to illustrate and contrast competition and collaboration 

Number of people

Great for groups of all sizes

Integrating teams is a terrific team building event for all groups whatever their size. From 10 to 100+ people, this event is great fun, and delivers a hugely important message for wannabe high performing teams.


Either a half or full day works well

Integrating Teams can be run as an enjoyable and informative stand-alone morning or afternoon session. Alternatively it can be included as part of a more comprehensive full-day team building event.

Team Size

Small teams work together for a common goal

Teams of 3-6 people start off by competing against each other in a series of team challenges. During the event the teams will need to come together and collaborate with each other in order to complete the final activity.


At any venue indoors or outside

All that’s required is space to set up the team challenges and space for teams to circulate around them. Outdoors is usually best for large groups, but many of our team challenges are designed for indoor use too.

Event Format

The Integrating Teams team building event does exactly what its name says:

It helps teams to understand that whilst a strong sense of competition is crucial for successful 21st century businesses, a clear understanding of the importance and power of collaboration is also imperative.

This is one of our most popular team building events, and one that we have delivered in a range of different formats all over Europe since 1997.

It may be one of our oldest event structures, but the messages it conveys and reinforces never grow old and are as fresh today as they were back in 1997.

The aim of this activity is to focus on two team behaviours:


Teams need to be able to compete both within the team to maximize performance by all team members, and also outside the team as they strive to win new business and retain that from existing customers.


Teams need to understand that in order to compete successfully, especially outside the team, they need to be able to collaborate and work together to ensure that all resources are maximized.

Team Challenges

The event starts off with a verbal briefing, following which each team will be provided with a set of briefing notes. At this first stage of the event all the information provided will make teams think that they are taking part in a competitive team building activity.

This is reinforced by the first challenge which all teams will undertake together, at the same time, if space permits. This opening activity is a great way of getting the teams up and moving, and effectively communicating to achieve success.

Teams will then go separate ways to work round a series of challenges set up around the venue, some cerebral and some physical. As teams work around the challenges they will earn pieces of information.

The more pieces of information teams earn the more they will start to understand that to move to the second stage of the team build the information they have been earning will, on its own, be insufficient to progress.

Communication is the key, and as time goes on teams will realise that the only way to solve the impasse is to start to talk to other teams, and share information with them.

Through this process teams will start to link up and work together, until all the teams have joined forces and are working together for one common goal, which culminates with the successful completion of one big final challenge!

Key Benefits

Aid Assimilation

This is a terrific way to assist the assimilation of teams that have come together e.g. through mergers, acquisitions or internal restructuring.

Practice Competition

Teams will compete against each other in the first part of this team building event, and the winning team will be announced.

Understand Collaboration

Teams will need to collaborate effectively together to complete the overarching challenge that requires all the teams to work together.

Enhance Communication

Clear and measured communication is a vital skill and one teams will get to learn and practice throughout this team building event.

Colleague Learning

Seeing how team members approach the tasks will provide invaluable understanding on your colleagues and their approach to new challenges.

Develop Trust

To succeed, team members will need to trust their colleagues, and in so doing will learn about this lynch-pin of high performing teams.

What Our Clients Say

On behalf of my team I wish to thank you all for your great management dedication and performance during our event. The first impression and feedback I received from the whole team was very positive!
European Space Agency

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