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Soapbox Derby

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Go Kart Team Building works on so many action-packed levels as an exciting team building event. It will evoke special childhood memories for many with its opportunities for soapbox building. Creative, practical, flexible and the best fun, we love delivering it, and you’ll love taking part. Call us to see when you can experience this amazing event!


Quest’s corporate event version of the world-famous, energy drink-fuelled, annual soapbox race! 

Number of people

Excellent for small or middle sized teams

Soapbox Derby is a turbocharged team building event for mini to middle-sized teams. Less than 10 or up to 45, your team will be thrilled by this fast and furious race-based spectacular, that will keep your whole team captivated.


Tremendous for the morning or the afternoon.

Soapbox Derby, another fully adjustable event from the UK’s top team building company. Quest can smoothly combine this event with another from our extensive list, or deliver it as a magnificent stand-alone activity.

Team Size

Attendees take part together in small teams

This team building event is superb for mini to medium-sized teams, all working nearby which in turn enhances the buzzing climate and competitive big race atmosphere. The teams will work closely for the soapbox build and the racing too.


Shaped to fit your location and venue.

To start the fun this thrilling corporate event needs some grass or hard-standing. Space to work on soapbox construction, then the excitement of racing. Pit-stops, driver changes, and team cheering make an action-packed, flexible format!

Event Format

Homemade cars made of soap crates, spare timber, and pram wheels have been raced for over 100 years. Known as soapboxes, building them is as exciting and as big a thrill as racing them!

Thanks to Quest’s outstanding team building event, you can experience the anticipation and imagination of the build, and the thrills of the race. “Lights out and away we go!”…

Build a Go Kart

In the high octane world of motor racing, the car constructors are as feted as the drivers. On this electrifying outdoor team building activity, Quest takes the same approach. The soapbox build is as crucially important as the drive!


Each team will be given a kit of robust raw materials and equipment. Some pieces large and some fairly intricate but all highly important and following their plans, the teams must construct their soapboxes.


Remember this whole event is highly competitive. The efficiency of your build and personal touches are essential to help make your team the winners, and make your team’s soapbox scorching hot! Go chase the chequered flag…

On Your Marks, Get set, Go!

Once your soapboxes have been constructed, race officials will conduct rigorous specification and quality checks, and collate build times.

This multi-part team building event will then move out from the workshops to the race track. You’ll need to select drivers and pushers (we call them engines), don helmets and make final adjustments.

Race officials will make last-minute checks and the starter will ensure all are ready. Race adrenalin will cut in, mouths will be dry and nerves stretched.

The number of teams will determine heats or races being run. Which team will have world-class drivers or the fastest engines? Whose team will take the chequered flag? Take part in a soapbox derby and you’ll find out.


Changing Wheels

All fans of motor racing know the speed of pit stops and performance of the teams working in them can mean win or lose. Lighting speed on wheel changes, “blink or you’ll miss it” refueling, and stellar-fast repairs can win a race.

As you’d expect in a corporate event of this quality, Quest will replicate real race conditions for your soapbox derby. Push-powered go-karts they maybe but you will run low on fuel, and will need a pit stop to fill your tanks. Pump that gas!

You may need to change from treaded tyres to slicks. Or you may simply develop a puncture. Whatever the scenario in this corporate team event, a wheel change will be required. Can you beat the Red Bull team’s eye-watering 1.88 seconds

KEY Benefits

Practice Teamwork

All team members will need to operate as a close-knit unit to win the build and win the race.

Communicate effectively

There will be lots to complete in limited time, those teams that communicate productively will succeed.

Building together

Creating is always positive, building soapboxes is a super chance for the team to create together.

Enhance competitiveness

Racing soapboxes is highly competitive, an excellent chance to practice this behaviour.

Quality focus

Delivering high-quality results is vital in the workplace, here is time to rehearse.

Having Fun

This team building event gives a great opportunity to converse, socialise and laugh together.

What Our Clients Say

Hi Martyn Thank you so much to you and your team for Friday! I feel the event went very well and the soapbox derby was really good fun. It was well organised as always and gave an opportunity for people to get to know each other better. Thank you
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Soapbox Derby Team Building Event in Numbers

Most built to date


Biggest team to date


Fastest soapbox build


Fastest 4 wheel change


Shortest lap time



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