Business Training

Business Training

Learning & Development

Quest provides a variety of business training programmes to facilitate the learning and development of people within a team, to help them work more effectively together and enhance their key business skills.

Discover how Quest’s highly skilled training team with many years experience, can work with your business, by looking at our most popular learning and development programmes below…

Leadership & Management Courses

Successful organisations operate in an ever changing business environment. Managers and team leaders, now more than ever, need to be knowledgeable, practically competent, skilled, dynamic and constantly willing to learn and evolve. 

Our range of modular training courses are focused on developing these specific competencies, facilitating reflective learning, increasing efficiency and optimising performance.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)®

The benefit of completing MBTI® with Quest is that not only do we apply the MBTI® framework to everyday business challenges, we can also dovetail it with a broad range of experiential activities which work extremely well and bring MBTI® to life.

Combining the theory with an experiential approach, is a hugely powerful way of getting the absolute best from MBTI®, and can help to ensure that the knowledge gained is immediately used and built upon.

Graduate Development Programmes

Organisations and employers invest millions each year in new Graduate recruitment. Whilst clearly benefiting from a wide range of skills and abilities brought by the graduates they are also in many ways having to work with “unpolished stones.”

To ensure investment in graduates is maximised, organisations must ensure that training and development is provided in a highly planned, structured and monitored format. This is where one of our Graduate Development Programmes comes in…

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring is a core part of Quest’s business training portfolio. Honed over many years and delivered by two of the UK’s highly experienced business coaches, it’s a key development tool.

Coaching business training is delivered in a flexible choice of locations, with many coachees now choosing the video conferencing option. Train the Mentor sessions are usually delivered in groups, with video conferencing gaining in popularity.

Everything DiSC®

Personality Profiling has been a main feature of our business training and team building events for fifteen years. Centred on four basic behavioural styles Everything DiSC’s® power is its simplicity.

Everything DiSC® business training courses with Quest greatly enhance teams’ understanding of behaviour and lead to enhanced workplace communication. With outstanding facilitation online or in the training room, it’s a business must-have!