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A cooking team building activity is an immensely powerful way to reconnect your team, and encourage new and greater achievements. Quest’s Recipe for Success facilitates your team in running a restaurant. Everything from purchasing and budget control to cooking and service. Discover more about this culinary delight of an epicurean corporate event.


A mouth-watering cookery challenge that will leave you wanting more!

Number of people

Ideal for small to medium sized groups

The number of people that can take part in this cooking team building event depends on the kitchen facilities available, but generally small groups of up to 30 people work best.


Perfect for either a full or half day

This cooking team building event can be run as either a stand-alone half or a full day event. It also works well as a follow-on session from a personality profiling workshop in the morning.

Team Size

Delegates cook together in small teams

The number of people in each team is typically 3-5 persons. The exact team size ultimately depends on the size of the group and chosen venue as each team will be provided with a fully self-contained kitchen in which to work for the duration of the event. 


Various venues, all in fabulous locations

The number one requirement to deliver this culinary challenge is for each team to have their own fully self-contained kitchen. We have built relationships with some stunning countryside venues that meet this requirement and ensure a truly memorable experience.

Event Format

Planning The Menu

Food, of all types, is never far from our thoughts and talked about almost as much as the weather. Lots of restaurants come and then go worryingly quickly, but the great ones stand the test of time and become our favourites.

What is it about those great restaurants that makes them so good, what is their… Recipe for Success?

Without doubt one of the things that makes them great are the teams that run them. And now with Quest’s Recipe for Success cooking team building event you can get a feel for what it takes to run a restaurant for a day.

Working from one of a number of beautiful countryside venues you’ll need to manage a finite budget, make informed purchasing decisions and make the very best of the culinary skills of your team.

Each Recipe for Success event will be tailored to your exact requirements, but this is how your taster day as a team of restaurateurs could look.

Cooking Team Building

You’d better be able to take the heat because you’re going to run a restaurant for the day!

Each team will plan, shop, prepare, cook and serve a three course dinner. All teams will be given the same shopping budget with which they will need to purchase their ingredients.

As well as producing enough servings of each course to feed all their team members, teams must also produce an extra cover for the judges. 

All the covers must be identical and presented to the judging panel who will select one for tasting.

Menu Tasting

Each course will be presented to a tasting panel and they will be asked how much they would be prepared to pay for the dish.

The panel of culinary experts will take into account not just the taste and presentation of the dish but also things like the use of local produce and the variety of cooking methods – and hence skills – used.

The winners of this cooking team building event will be the team that generates the most profit from their three course menu.

Key Benefits

Effective Teamwork

Teams will have to work effectively together to plan, create and cook their three course menu.


To be successful, teams will need to determine how to generate the best return on their budget.

Time Management

Teams will need to keep an eye on the clock in order to serve each dish precisely on time.

Know Your Colleagues

Working in a situation far removed from the norm, colleagues will learn a great deal about each other

Attention to Detail

The brief is detailed, and the task itself will reward teams that work carefully and aim for perfection.

Flexible Planning

Teams will need to plan carefully from the start and be flexible enough to adapt as they go along.

What Our Clients Say

Thank you so much for our team offsite yesterday - everyone has been raving about it this morning. They enjoyed the cooking so much that they’ve been asking me for the recipes that were used so they can prepare their own gourmet meals at home. Once again thank you, we all had a fab time !!!
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Recipe for Success Team Building Event in Numbers

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