Back to the Office – Back on Corporate Events

It was back to the office with a vengeance yesterday for Quest. As the government urged people back into their offices, the team at Quest needed no encouragement to get back together and start planning for what already looks like a busy year.

The demand is growing from our corporate clients to help them kick-start face-to-face communication and team bonding.

After the disastrous past two years, many corporate organisations understand that it is crucial not simply for them to re-build teams, but for those teams to help rebuild in their local community too.

Events proving popular for 2022

Already this year Quest has taken numerous requests for Corporate Social Responsibility team building events, and is already planning one for over a hundred people to take place at the amazing St. Hilda’s Community Centre, in Shoreditch. The team there has not had any assistance since 2019, and all parties are hugely excited about the event scheduled for May.

Charity Challenge events are also in high demand. Quest was successful just before Christmas in tendering for a major biennial Charity Challenge, to take place in June, and the opportunity yesterday to crack on with planning face-to-face was seized with great enthusiasm. Four hundred people in teams of four will battle it out in the stunning Brecon Beacons, and the Quest team is now totally involved in finalising course planning; completing all permission applications, and conducting recces and planning in the event location.

The other enquiries we’ve had have been for a variety of different events, but Cooking is a popular choice. We’re not really surprised by the popularity of that event as business teams emerge out of lock-downs, home-working, distancing, and all the other demands of the pandemic. A Quest cooking event is a gentle, but powerful way of enabling teams to reconnect. Cooking in a team is immensely relaxing and the opportunity to then all sit, eat, and socialise together offers a terrific way for the team to bond and communicate again.

Based on how the pandemic seems to be evolving, the Quest team is feeling increasingly confident about 2022, and all members are looking forward to working with many of our established clients, and new ones too as the year takes shape. See you soon!