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We provide a comprehensive range of leadership and management courses. All are designed to develop success and confidence in managers by ensuring they are fully equipped with the all the skills they need.

In the 21st Century’s competitive commercial environment, successful managers must manage processes and workloads. In addition, they must also be equipped to get the very best out of their team and its members.

Before delivering a leadership and management training course, we will work with your business and senior managers to understand:

  • Your company operating environment
  • The challenges you face
  • What skills and techniques your managers need to learn, re-learn, or develop

working with you, our objective is clear…

To Develop Success and Confidence in Managers

Training Courses

Our leadership and management business training courses have been grouped into the following three distinct categories: Managing with Legitimacy, Managing with Skills, and Managing with Knowledge. Each course can be delivered as part of broader development or as standalone business training to address specific needs.

Managing with Legitimacy

The following leadership and management business training courses are designed to ensure your managers meet the latest legislation, in all they do.

Recruitment & Selection

Being confident to recruit the best people for the job is a key management skill. Our recruitment and selection business training course examines how managers can be clear about candidate skills and attributes, before exploring…

  • Interview techniques
  • Asking great questions
  • Comparing candidates and decision making
  • Applying your company policy
  • The legal aspects of recruitment
Courageous Conversations

Many managers find it extremely difficult to initiate and regulate difficult conversations such as tackling performance issues and managing conflict.

At our courageous conversations training course we’ll explore your understanding of why people don’t necessarily do what managers want them to do. We’ll also develop a framework for getting the best results out of each team member.


Correctly conducted, appraisals can motivate staff to achieve their very best performance. Poorly executed and they can have the opposite effect.

In this training course we explain a proven framework that works for effective appraisal monitoring and use of the ‘funnel technique’.

Managing Attendance

In this training course we look at the many reasons behind short and long-term absence. We demonstrate how to conduct effective return-to-work meetings, and both informal and formal meetings adhering to your company policies and procedures.

Managing Performance

This is often another troublesome issue for managers: They must be sure of their ground when tackling performance issues.

In this business training course we help you examine the legalities of the disciplinary process. We explain how to conduct investigations, the structure of formal hearings, and decision-making which follows a fair and reasonable process.

Staff Councils

The Information and Consultation Directive is clear about informing and involving staff on a range of issues.

This business training course will enable you to examine productive relationships with employee representatives. It will also explain meeting skills, assertiveness, understanding differences between negotiation and consultation, and getting the most from employee representative bodies.

Managing with Skills

The following leadership and management business training courses will ensure your managers have all the essential skills they need.

Personality Profiling in the Workplace

Enabling managers to identify and understand their professional style, and the effects it has on others helps engender productive teams.

We are qualified to deliver Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality profiling and Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI). Also, we are authorised partners for the Five Behaviours of Cohesive Teams and Everything DiSC. As such Quest is superbly placed to assist you, your managers and the teams with whom they work.

Interpersonal Skills

At ever-increasing speeds in the 21st Century workplace, behavior has a tremendous impact on teams and team members. Whether it is the language used; communication styles; the tone of voice or listening skills, all are crucial.

In this business training course, you will learn how to make the most of every important conversation.

Personal Organisation & Effectiveness

This business training reaches way beyond the traditional time-management theories and practice. We will explore with you how to create a personal vision and then make achievable plans to follow it.

We will look in detail at prioritisation and delegation. Crucially we will look in detail at identifying and dealing with personal and functional time-wasters.

Commercial Awareness

Learn the essentials of profit and loss, reading balance sheets, and SWOT analysis.

The importance of understanding how the organisation operates and how individuals can contribute to the business.

Managing with KNOWLEDGE

The following leadership and management business training courses are designed to ensure your managers have all the contemporary expertise in…

Presentation Skills

Presenting to an audience can be a nervous experience for the untrained or inexperienced. Quest will help you change that. Working with small to medium-sized groups we instill confidence and train the skills to help you make strong effective presentations. This will include learning about appropriate body language and speech.

Coaching in the Workplace

Managers for the Twenties need to know how to get the absolute best from their staff. Our coaching in the workplace modules include:

  • Understanding leadership styles
  • Empathetic listening
  • The GROW model
  • Creating ownerships and defining coaching leadership styles for the 21st Century

Everyone knows good teamwork is essential. However, developing it is an art form. In this business training course learn about role dynamics, the stages of team development, and the characteristics of high-performing teams. Then get the opportunity to practice it with one of our outstanding experiential activities. This is the complete package, and then some!


Business training typically runs in a number of sessions over several months. However, this is one of the details that will be agreed with you. Specifically, it depends on what’s best for your organisation.

As with everything we deliver, we’re completely mobile. Therfore, business training can either be carried out at your workplace or off-site, at a venue to suit you.

We take care of every element for you, from staff engagement to issuing joining instructions for each session. In addition, we also solicit and provide progressive feedback, both between delegates and with HR or senior management.

Key Benefits

Build Confidence

Managers who have confidence in their knowledge and abilities will lead their team with assurance, courage, and determination. And these are all perfect qualities to help your business grow.

Reinforce Knowledge

Knowledge of soft skills and statutory requirements are imperative in the 21st Century workplace, and we will assist with both.

Promote Team Work

We will help you create the foundation of a team where colleagues understand their objectives and work together enthusiastically to achieve them.

Develop Skills

Consistent and high-quality training goes hand-in-hand with successful sports people. Quest will help you build that training-as-a-norm mentality in your business to make your team a winning team.

Improve Office Environment

Quest will work with you to promote a workplace environment where understanding, listening and ownership, are watchwords of success.

Understand Behaviours

Once your managers understand themselves they can then build an understanding of their team members and achieve the most together.

What Our Clients Say

To the one and only Janice! This is just a tiny thank you for all of the effort you put into the grad’ training. The care you invest in each one of us is incredible. Thank you so much for all of the guidance & wisdom you’ve passed onto me. Not sure where I’d be without it?!
International Engineering Corporation
I've been involved in a vast myriad of training in my time with National Grid and I really appreciate it when people really invest time and effort on my development. Keep it up!
National Grid

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