Celebrating 25 Years of Team Building & Corporate Events

Quest will celebrate its 25th year in 2020 and what a 25 years it has been for a small business operating in the corporate market.

There have been some great times but, also some significant challenges like the bursting of the Dot-Com bubble, the 2008 Financial Crisis and three years of Brexit.

Despite these often adverse trading conditions, Quest has continued to flourish by adhering to three key objectives…

1. Delivering events that add value

2. Producing positive outcomes

3. Focusing on customer care

To mark this momentous point in our history, we are launching this new and much-needed website.

The new website is fully responsive (PC, mobile and tablet compatible) and has faster image & page loading, making it more user-friendly.

Below are a few selected images from some of the most memorable events that Quest has delivered over the past 25 years…

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Did you know, as well as corporate events, Quest also organise these public events?