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Charity Challenges

Charity Challenges

Team Building Events

Team building motivates, connects and develops your team, how about going one step further and making it a charity team building event? Working with Quest you can grow your team and raise money for a highly deserving charity too! What’s not to like with this incredible combo’? It’s a double-bubble bonus!

Charity Challenge team building events significantly strengthen charity-corporate sponsor relationships; maximise fund raising; help organisations meet their corporate social responsibility commitments and can help achieve a range of strategic corporate objectives.


Big opportunities for big teams to raise big money

Number of people

Designed for medium to large groups

Charity challenge team building events have been run in the past for groups of 50 to 500+ participants. Obviously the more people that take part, the greater scope there is for raising more for your charity or charities. 


Anything from a few hours to a full weekend

Charity challenges are delivered to a whole range of timescales depending on their format and your requirements. They can include an overnight stay to maximise networking and a gala dinner to round off a memorable experience.

Team Size

Small teams are the norm

Teams usually consist of 4-6 people so that everyone gets involved and is engaged in the challenge. Teams can consist of employees from different offices to promote networking and colleague awareness.


Anywhere in the UK… and beyond!

Finding the perfect venue that can host your event in a suitable location for your charity challenge is all part of the Quest service. We have excellent relationships with venues all over the UK which do just that.

Event Format

The best way to illustrate how these events work is to provide some actual examples. Below are a few case studies of recent Charity Challenge team building events:

10 Years and Counting

Quest has been running these hugely popular annual events for over ten years now. They have two key objectives which are to:

  • Raise as much money as possible for their chosen charity
  • Encourage colleague engagement and promote colleague well-being

The TeamWalk Challenges are hugely popular and attract upwards of 600 people. Consequently venues are required that can accommodate and host those numbers for a gala dinner and all of the Center Parcs venues that are open to corporate groups have been used with great success.

In addition, in recent years one of the TeamWalk Challenge events has been held at the Celtic Manor Resort, with exclusive use of their golf course used for the challenge itself.

Fund-raising for the NSPCC

This fun packed Corporate Charity Challenge was organised for Lloyds Banking Group. The resulting funds raised for the NSPCC were in excess of £100,000.

This competitive event was staged at Bath University and the 350 competitors came from across the bank’s branch network.

It took place over 36 hours and comprised an extensive range of activities that maximised the university’s excellent sports facilities.

Highlights saw teams take on a night exercise, kayaking, slalom canoeing, a climbing wall and the University of Bath’s (and UK’s only) bobsleigh and skeleton push-start track.

Teams earned pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle for completing each activity, and the grand finale involved all the teams coming together to complete the bespoke event-themed puzzle.

In Aid of Make A Wish

This sponsored charity challenge saw 25 teams of four people come together and raise over £50,000 for the Make a Wish Foundation.

The event consisted of three stages; kayaking, mountain biking and a vertical limit challenge, with each team undertaking each stage together as a whole team.

Within each stage there were a range of checkpoints for teams to visit. Each checkpoint had a value and the winners were the team that accumulated the most points within the time limit.

The event was continuous with no time out in between stages. This meant teams could chose in which order they undertook each stage. Teams chose how many checkpoints to visit, but they needed to visit at least one checkpoint in each stage to avoid a penalty.

This format gave each team maximum flexibility. They could play to the strengths of their team, choose their own route and even change their race plan midway through!

The course was designed to provide plenty of route choice and to showcase the best of the area. An electronic scoring system was used which enabled results to be calculated quickly and easily. 

And the best part was the event raised in excess of £50,000 for the Charity ‘Make a Wish’!

A Bespoke Adventure Race

A group of 120 staff from the retail group, Blacks, took part in a bespoke Adventure Race staged in the beautiful hills around Bredon, Worcestershire.

The event took the format of one of Quest’s very popular Questars adventure races. Along with mountain biking, trail running and kayaking on the River Avon the teams were also set some cerebral puzzles to test their minds and challenges to develop their team work.

Teams came from Blacks retail outlets across the UK and competed enthusiastically to become the Blacks Adventure Racing Team Champions. All the teams’ hard work was made all the more worthwhile because the event raised in excess of £30,000 for charity.

Key Benefits

Charitable Support

These events enable large companies to get the maximum number of colleagues involved in fun and enjoyable charitable team building.


Charity Challenges bring together people from different offices, and gives them the opportunity to get to know one another.

Builds Teams

When you bring together big numbers of people, have them work in small teams on unusual tasks they have to talk, and communication helps build teams.

Boosts Motivation

These events show colleagues that the company cares for them and the broader community and that provides a great motivational boost.

Enhances Wellbeing

Charity Challenges are designed to get people moving and even better to do some preparation for that, all which makes for a fitter team.

Employee Retention

Happy, motivated employees are more likely to be staying colleagues thereby assisting with team retention and consequently lowering overheads.

What Our Clients Say

All the feedback that the management team have received back from colleagues has been very positive so it appears that the event was a resounding success and a huge amount of money was raised for charity. Much of this credit has to go to Quest as everything within your reasonable control was very well organised and the commitment and dedication of your internal planning and management is clearly apparent in the quality of product you deliver. [We] would all like to take this opportunity to say a very big thank you to you and your support team for making the event such a success for us.
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Charity Challenge Team Building Events in Numbers

Average team size


Biggest delivery team

staff members

Largest group to date


Quest’s charity challenge events have raised more than

GBP for charity


to find out more about this team building event

07834 494876 / 07967 502226

Give us a call to speak to one of our team about your team building requirements and to find out more about our Charity Challenge events. Our normal office hours are from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm in the UK, Monday to Friday. If phoning from outside the UK, the number to dial is +44 7834 494876 / +44 7967 502226

Send us an email to find out more about our Charity Challenge events. To help us respond to your email quickly and efficiently, please include the following details if known:

  • Number of people the event is for (approx.)
  • When you are looking to hold the event. What day / month / time of year? Is the date fixed or flexible?
  • Where you would like the event to take place. Which part of the country? Do you have a particular venue in mind?
  • The length of time you want the event to last. Do you have a set amount of time to fill? Are your timings fixed or flexible?

Please use the contact form (adjacent / below) or drop us an email to request a callback.

We will call you back within 24 hours during normal office hours (9 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday) where possible.

Don’t forget to let us know if there is a particular time / day that you would like us to call you or that we should avoid.

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