10th Anniversary Team Walk Charity Challenge

Quest has been working with this client since 2009, delivering team building challenges that raise money for charity. We were delighted to be asked again to deliver the 10th Anniversary of this annual event. This year it was at a new venue for the client, and for the highest number of attendees ever. Read on to see how it went…

New Venue

For many years between 450 and 550 colleagues have taken part in the Team Walk Challenge event. It has achieved such a status in the business calendar, that when the online entry system opens in the Spring it always sells out within a few hours. Teams pay a nominal fee to enter which is all donated to charity together with the other funds raised by the event.

The event status and a growing number of colleagues, (thanks to recent acquisitions), saw the attendance number increase to an all-time high of 620 this year. Tremendous news! But that request meant that a new venue was required. And there aren’t that many venues around that can offer accommodation and a gala dinner for that number of people, let alone have the outdoor space and grounds needed for the Team Walk Challenge itself.

However, fortunately Quest didn’t start delivering team building yesterday. With nearly 24 years’ experience of venue sourcing, we’ve worked in quite a few places over the years! One venue that has always impressed, on the numerous occasions that we’ve worked there, is the enormous Celtic Manor Resort. With its commanding position above the M4 Motorway, and stunning panoramic views over Wales’s Black Mountains, it’s a great venue for corporate events. Discussions started with the events team at Celtic Manor almost a year in advance. And after various meetings and site visits they were awarded the business.

Quest was impressed with the attention to detail and professionalism of the Celtic Manor team. In particular, during the initial discussions and subsequent build-up to the event. And when the event date finally arrived in mid-September, the team at Celtic Manor did not disappoint. Everyone there did their best to ensure this huge event was delivered without a hitch.

Established Charity

The one part of this team building event that hasn’t changed for a number of years is the charity that is supported. The British Red Cross (BRC) have been the recipients of terrific support from the Team Walk Challenge for over 5 years, during which time a great deal of money has been donated.

Team Walk Charity Challenge Corporate Event
A team finishing the Teamwalk Challenge cheered on by the British Red Cross

In return, the corporate team from the British Red Cross deliver an outstanding presence at the event. They expend a huge amount of energy in supporting the teams as they complete a range of challenging team activities. 

This year at Celtic Manor was no exception. The vintage style Red Cross uniforms have now become a highly visible part of the event. And the noise from the British Red Cross as teams crossed through the Finish Arch was as excited and loud as ever.

New Format

This year the team building element of the event was delivered on a golf course. However, this wasn’t just a golf course. This was a Celtic Manor Golf Course – the Montgomerie course no less, named after the legendary golfer himself!

Quest had exclusive use of the course for the day, and were able to create not one, not two but three terrific team building challenges that made full use of this amazing sports arena.

What a Venue, what a Charity and what an Event!

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