Quest for the Best: Team Building Events in Bristol

Bristol Corporate Events

It’s not only amazing hot air balloons that soar above the city, try Quest’s team building in Bristol and you’ll fly too! Bristol has so much space to offer for outstanding corporate events, everything from the tranquil Downs to the bustling city. We’ve been working here for 25 years, and we can’t get enough. Come and join us and let your imagination ascend to the skies.

Bristol is the largest city in the South West of England, with a population of over 615,000. John Cabot left Bristol to help discover North America in 1497, and Bristol is often called the Birthplace of America.

Other amazing Bristol facts abound: The Fry’s Chocolate Cream, launched there in 1866, is the first mass-produced chocolate and the world’s oldest chocolate bar brand. Bristol was the first UK city awarded European Green Capital in 2015 and is the home of Wallace and Gromit.

With these and other facts, I think we can all agree that Bristol is a terrific place. Certainly, it’s one of our favourite cities, and Team Building in Bristol is something Quest loves to do.

As a major city in the UK’s commercial history, there’s no better place to take part in Quest’s team building event, Trading Places.

Trading Places

Trading Places is a fast-paced corporate event based on currency trading in the 2020’s volatile global economy. As well as being great fun it tests teams’ communication skills, tactical and strategic planning, and team deployment.

Many years ago, a famous politician said…

“A week is a long time in politics”

Over 50 years later those words are certainly true for the new global economy. The Trading Places team building event lasts exactly one week. In that week the teams are faced with some challenging construction objectives in continents around the world.

Trading Places sees teams competing in four linked and overlapping stages. International Questions; Dealing at the Trading Desk; Continental Travel & Construction.

This an exciting and action-packed competitive event, and has the added benefit of being available in both indoor and outdoor locations. Team building in Bristol at its finest.

Bespoke Events

Do you love the sound of Trading Places whilst looking for something tailored to current issues in your business? If so, a Quest Bespoke Event is perfect.

Since Quest’s 1995 inception, we’ve developed an outstanding reputation for creativity, imagination, and innovation in all our corporate team building. This is particularly evident when we’re asked to create team building events from scratch.

Over 25 years we’ve assisted a major world oil company to relaunch their filling stations. We’ve worked with one of the world’s biggest pharmaceuticals, reinforcing their corporate brand and values; and partnered a financial planning organisation in the launch of new and exciting plans to take them through a corporate merger.

Quest Bespoke Events energise teams, enhance new initiatives, and assist businesses. If you’re looking for Team building in Bristol, that does all that, then call Quest for a chat today. You never know the boost it could provide!

Bristol Venues

For team building in Bristol Quest has worked with some of the city’s most memorable venues. For example M-Shed, Bristol harbourside’s world-class cultural landmark, where Quest has delivered TV Newscast and MBTi team building events. The building’s industrial heritage has been retained but it now offers a purpose-built event suite.

Bristol Zoo Gardens and its Clifton Pavillion is a favourite where we have delivered a number of events and Business Training courses. Bristol Museum and Art Gallery is another stunning landmark venue, in the heart of Bristol, where Quest has regularly worked. All of these and many more can be sourced and managed as part of our corporate event management services. We look forward to hearing from you.

Popular Team Building Events in Bristol

Whatever your requirements we’ve got the perfect team building event for you. Just take a look at some of the possibilities below to see why Quest is your number one choice for corporate events in Bristol…



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