Quest for the Best: Team Building Events in Birmingham

Birmingham Team Building Events

When we deliver team building in Birmingham we’re excited to do it in an extra special place. The world’s first manufacturing town, and site of Europe’s largest regional library and cultural space. Birmingham has more Michelin-starred restaurants than any city outside London, and thanks to Cadbury’s is the home of chocolate. What a city to experience the best of Quest’s corporate events!

Since 2013, say Birmingham to many people, and they’ll reply Peaky Blinders. This cult TV show has firmly put Birmingham back on the map as the place to be. Whilst some people have indeed become flat-cap wearers, there’s a great deal more to the city than TV gangster dramas.

For example, who’d have guessed Birmingham is the place where the first official games of tennis were played? Birmingham has more canals than Venice, with 35 miles as opposed to 26. And with 571 parks, Birmingham has more public open space than any other similar sized European city – nearly 200 more than Paris!

For these reasons and many more, Birmingham is the place for your next team building event.

Integrating Teams

As a team-building company, it’s no surprise that Quest regularly discusses with clients three common themes about their team.

Firstly, issues that develop when incorporating new members into the team. Secondly, different teams within the organisation operating in silos, even working counter to others, instead of collaborating towards a common goal. Finally, the importance of developing understanding about collaboration and competition, and the place both activities occupy within great teams.

Quest’s Integrating Teams corporate event addresses all of these issues. And this team building event can be combined with reflection and review workshops to provide effective business training. 

“Integrating Teams follows Birmingham’s lead for inclusion and assimilation”

Integrating Teams starts off with teams competing at a specific activity. Then, through a series of stages, teams are brought together to collaborate over the final solutions.

Call Quest to discover more and how Birmingham’s number one team building company can help your team achieve more.

Conference Breakouts

Birmingham is centrally placed and with excellent transport links. As a result, the city is host to a large number of corporate conferences. Multi-day conferences benefit from break-out elements to maintain the delegate’s involvement and attention. This is where Quest can help and really bring your conference to life.

We’re the number one corporate team building company, perfectly placed to assist your planning for a Conference Breakout session.

Quest’s Conference Breakouts provide the ideal opportunity for delegates to get to know each other. They enable delegates to mix, mingle, and socialise, as they undertake a team building activity.

Business conferences are often big events. Quest has many activities especially for large groups wanting grand experiences. However, if your conference is smaller, Quest also has lots of outstanding activities that’ll work equally well for you too.

All of Quest’s Conference Breakouts are designed to fit neatly into some down-time from the main part of your conference. Two hours work great. Three hours is phenomenal. And four hours is immense! 

Birmingham Venues

Birmingham has a large variety of outstanding venues from which to hold your next team building event. For instance, Cadbury World; the business that has been such a big part of Birmingham’s industrial heritage.

Other noteable venues include the peace and tranquility of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. And the sporting excellence of Edgbaston Stadium. Birmingham has something to offer the most discerning and demanding clients. This makes the city a great place to hold your next corporate event.

Popular Team Building Events in Birmingham

Whatever your requirements we’ve got the perfect team building event for you. Just take a look at some of the possibilities below to see why Quest is your number one choice for corporate events in Birmingham…



A competitive event that will get teams working together towards a common goal



Make your conference memorable with one of our fun team building activities



A dynamic fast-moving team building event with the spot-light centred on your team!



An exciting and addictively competitive team building event for any vibrant city



A fast-paced event based on trading currencies in the new global economy



Challenge teams and raise funds for a very worthy cause at the same time



Tailored team building events designed to meet your specific requirements



Rewarding team building projects that deliver tangible benefits to the community